Navigation Rules on Lake Como

Boating on lake Como

Rules of behavior on the lake for boaters, swimmers, divers and surfers.

Sailor rules:
1.Check carefully your boat, its equipment and safety devices before leaving.
2.Inquire about weather forecast before leaving.
3.Respect the boat maximum capacity and in any case do not overload your boat.
4.Mind the regulations when mooring.
5.Respect the speed limits.
6.Doch the coast perpendicularly at a low speed and very carefully. Switch the engine off and use oars when approaching swimmers.
7.Do not move roughly or dangerously. Do not race.
8.When necessary wear your life jacket and make your passengers wear theirs.
9.Be careful when managing the boat. Pay attention to what happens close to you and to the evolving of weather conditions.
10.Do not drink alcoholics if you intend to manage a boat.

Regole per la navigazione sul lago di Como